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The Ashclyst Challenge

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Ashclyst Forest, is in the heart of the Killerton Estate and is one of the largest woods in East Devon. It is a haven for wildlife and it is the perfect place to reconnect with nature. The Ashclyst Challenge gives you 5 simple ways to connect to nature to improve your wellbeing whilst you enjoy your visit.

The challenges are inspired by the 5 Pathways to Nature Connection model, developed by the Nature Connectedness Research Group at the University of Derby in partnership with the National Trust, to address a growing need for deeper connections with nature, aiming to enhance individual wellbeing and promote greater environmental awareness.

The Ashclyst Challenge has all the information you need to deepen your connection to nature for yours, and the planet's wellbeing. 

The 5 pathways to nature connection:

1. Contact   2.Beauty   3.Meaning   4.Emotion   5.Compassion

Challenge Information:


  • Complete in 30 minutes+

  • Fun for 1 to 101

  • Complete on any trail

Download Wylder for:

  • Challenge instructions and inspiration

  • Ashclyst Forest ID guides

  • Community challenge photos

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